Blust na gemiddeld 22 seconden!

De revolutionaire
schoorsteen brandblusser!

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Just as easy as striking a match.

Protect your home. Protect your family.

Effective fire fighting.

Due to the sophisticated composition of Chimfirestop, a very dangerous situation such as a chimney fire is quickly, safely and above all effectively neutralized. Immediately after activating the stick your flue is filled with a gas mixture that effectively replaces the oxygen in your chimney flue. This breaks the ignition triangle (fuel, oxygen and heat). Without oxygen, the fire in the flue has no chance and goes out immediately.

Chimfirestop is the ideal way to protect your home and your family. A chimney fire is a naturally dangerous situation that can escalate very quickly.

Get the situation quickly under control with Chimfirestop.

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Used in the United States for over 45 years ffectively stopping chimney fires without using water.

Why ChimFireStop?



Chimfirestop extinguishes a chimney fire in an average of 22 seconds!

Due to the sophisticated components within ChimFireStop a chimney fire no longer stands a chance. After implementation, ChimFireStop produces a suffocating gas mixture that breaks the ignition triangle. With the lack of oxygen the fire goes out very quickly:  on average around 22 seconds!



No more difficult than striking a match!

No more difficult than striking a match! The main strength of ChimFireStop is that everyone can perform the operation (children excluded) and no special action is required. Anyone who can light a match can now put out a chimney fire!



After activation ChimFireStop will do the rest!

After activation, ChimFireStop will do the rest! 
A fireplace or wood stove is fun as long as the fire serves a purpose and does not present any danger. A chimney fire is by nature a dangerous situation that can escalate very quickly. For example, if there are hidden defects in your flue, the fire can spread quickly through the rest of the house.  Quickly overcome the situation with ChimFireStop..

How works ChimFireStop?

Effective chimney fire control in three steps.

Stap 1

Step 1:

Call 999!

After finding a chimney fire, immediately call 999!
ChimFireStop is NOT a fire extinguisher that replaces professional firefighters, so always call 999 immediately and warn others for their own safety.

Stap 2

Step 2:

Place the stick.

Do not wait for a chimney fire to start before reading the manual carefully. It is recommended that the instruction manual should be read upon purchase. This is important, in case of a fire you may not have that time! Activate ChimFireStop and place the stick NEXT to the fire.

Stap 3

Step 3:

Extinguishing starts immediately.

Due to the composition of the gases caused by the combustion of ChimFireStop, the chimney fire goes out on average after just 22 seconds!
Pay attention!  A chimney fire can always re-ignite, so keep an extra ChimFire Stop on hand! With large chimney ducts we strongly recommend to have 2 sticks in stock because one stick may not be enough.